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The Top 5 Cannabis Strains Across Europe

By September 13, 2019 No Comments

Are you looking for the most popular or most searched for cannabis strains in Europe? If so, then you definitely want to explore this list. These aren’t just the most popular, they are some of the best available to buy on this continent.

White Widow

This is a hugely popular choice in Europe with buyers and it’s still considerably popular in the US. For growers, it’s all about the high level of potency and high yields. This makes it economically attractive. It has a great taste that is both crisp and sweet. Due to it being 60% Sativa, it also allows users to relax rather than providing stimulation.

The buds of a white widow are tapered, conical and chunky. It has a fluffy and loose texture which means it can easily be broken apart. One of the reasons for the high potency of the strain is due to the resin. With the resin, the strain can be broken down for use in by-products including C02 oil and hash.

The name White Widow originates from the look of the strain. It has a coating of thick, white trichome crystals. These develop during the end of its flowering period. It’s no surprise that this is one of the most sought out Cannabis strains. After all, it is a former winner of the highly prestigious Cannabis Cup. It’s also incredibly easy to grow and has THC levels of 26%. All of this makes it popular with sellers, buyers and even first time users.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is another big strain in Europe and again it doesn’t have much of a following in the US. White widow is a classic that has been around for years, but it is still one of the most popular choices in Europe. It was initially developed in California and then was quickly shipped to the Netherlands. One of the reasons why it has withstood the test of time is due to the fantastic potency and yields. The variety is 80% Indica and it is widely known for the spicy flavour that is also sweet as well as the relaxing qualities.

At 33%, this has a very high level of THC and is 95% Indica. As such, it’s mainly used during the night. It ensures that users feel relaxed and euphoric. It’s commonly used to treat both pain and anxiety. This is an award-winning strain and is often known has a ‘two-hit and quit.’ This is actually one of the purest Indica strains despite the fact that it is largely believed to be a mix of two original strains Thai and Afghani. It was perfected in Holland and quickly gained a strong following throughout the rest of Europe.


If you happen to be in England, you’ll find that Cheese is the most popular strain across the UK. Word of its magnificent effect has spread to the rest of Europe and it was originally developed in the 80s. Supposedly it is a descendant of Skunk and was selected for its wonderfully pungent aroma. This is an indica dominant hybrid which is actually named due to its sour aroma that is quite sharp. It was put on the map when Big Buddha won in the Indica category for the Cannabis Cup in 2006. This is still the most popular version today. It still has a somewhat iconic aroma while adding Afghani indica ensures that yield is increased along with trichome production.

Generally, Cheese is used to relieve anxiety, pain, and stress. Some people also find that it’s a helpful antidepressant. Others suggest that it makes it easy to get work done. The strain is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. It is quite sticky and can be difficult to break apart.

Amnesia Haze

This strain is particularly popular in the Netherlands and can be found in many shops in this region of the world. It’s particularly popular among ‘haze’ enthusiasts which are a trend unto itself. Professional growers love this strain and it has a sharp, sour taste. Many users also find that it is fresh and fruity. It can strike fast and is incredibly strong. The strain is light green in colour with brown, orange hairs. It also has a strong level of THC. Usually, this will be over 20% while THC is lower.

The high provided mainly impacts the mind and has little to no impact on the body. A Sativa dominant strain, this certainly packs a punch. It has won two awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup and is certainly one of the most recognizable Haze varieties on the market. This strain isn’t typically used for medical purposes. It’s also widely known as a creeper. This means that it can take up to fifteen minutes for the full impact to be realised.

Power Plant

Finally, there’s Power Plant. This is another brilliant strain that originated in the Netherlands and has since gained in popularity throughout Europe. It comes from the Dutch Passion Seed Company and is one of the businesses most proven strains. It’s also one of the easiest and fastest to grow, making it a big hit with producers in particular.

The plant was first sold in 1997 and was immediately a huge hit. Back then it was often used as a reliable option to mitigate pain levels as a medical strain. However, it’s not just about medical benefits. This strain is popular due to having a strong, smooth flavor and a full-bodied taste. This last long enough to provide an extended level of enjoyment. There are also a few hints of fresh herbs when you try this plant. That’s another reason why it’s become so popular. Once it is ready to smoke, Power Plant has an earthy scent and it is considered to be grade-A weed.

On average it has a THC of 15%. This was considered to be quite strong when it hit the market. Now, however, it’s one of the less extreme options. It offers euphoria and elevates the mood without delivering a dramatic change.

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