CBD eLiquids are an easily accessible, highly efficient way to take cannabinoids. This method of consumption increases the rate of absorption, so the effects of this form of CBD can be felt much more quickly. It should come as no surprise then that mainstream interest in vaping eLiquids is increasing.

eLiquids initially become popular as a way for people to smoke cannabis in a healthier way )rather than a joint). Companies also began creating vapes for tobacco smokers which included liquid to help them stop smoking.

CBD eLiquids have entered the market with the same mindset, enjoying the same growth in popularity as other forms of vaping. The range of vaping products that are available is huge with two of the most popular brands are the Volcano and Da Buddha. Both have stood the test of time offering vaporisers that are reliable, durable and safe. But the market has also evolved to include portable brands such as The Pax and The Firefly, products that are more discreet, yet still powerful and easy to use.

Let’s look at why we’re seeing more and more people turning to vaping eLiquids as their preferred method for CBD and cannabis consumption.

The Benefits of Vaping Cannabis Compared to Smoking

There are 3 primary benefits of vaping cannabis, rather than smoking it:

1.      Health Effects

Smoking cannabis has a number of respiratory hazards due to the toxic by-products that are a result of burning marijuana. Vaping marijuana is much less harmful as it emits a vapour that is 95% smoke-free and carcinogen-free.

Cannabis plants begin to combust at 200 degrees Celsius, which creates smoke. This smoke is the primary cause of lung cancer as well as a number of respiratory conditions.  Smoking cannabis heats the plant to well in excess of the 200 degrees with the heat of a lit joint reaching over 1100 degrees. In comparison, vaping heats the cannabinoids to 170 degrees which is the ideal temperature. It’s below the combustion point, and above the temperature at which cannabinoids begin to vaporise.

2.      Cannabinoid Concentration

With smoking, 88% of the combusted smoke gases are made up of non-cannabinoids with some known PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) which are associated with causing cancer. In contrast, vaping gases consist of 95% cannabinoids and only small amounts of a single PAH.

3.      Destruction of Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are highly combustible so, when cannabis is smoked, many of the trichomes are destroyed and the user does not get all the benefits of the plant.

Vaping CBD Flower Compared to Other Methods of Consumption

CBD and cannabis can be absorbed faster and more efficiently than through oral consumption, which makes vaping full-spectrum CBD flower one of the best ways to consume CBD and cannabis. It is possible to use a traditional vape to smoke the flower and has become a very popular option for consuming CBD across Europe, particularly in areas such as Barcelona. However, in the UK, vaping CBD flower is illegal and so people in the UK use alternatives such as CBD eLiquids.

Here’s why vaping CBD flower with a traditional vape or as an eLiquid is a great choice:

1.      Vaped Cannabis is Instantly Absorbed by the Lungs

Oral consumption offers poor bioavailability as the CBD or cannabis has to pass through the digestive system and the liver. In the liver, enzymes break down the compounds and as a result, only a small portion of the cannabis is passed into the bloodstream where it can take effect in the body.

Because ingestion isn’t an effective option, many people choose to take tinctures sublingually; the CBD is then absorbed by the mucous membranes and enters the bloodstream without passing through the liver.

But vaping is even more effective as the vaporised gasses are absorbed directly through the alveoli of the lungs. They provide a much larger surface area for absorption, and thus CBD or cannabis can enter the bloodstream quickly and efficiently. Vaped CBD has a bioavailability of 31%, compared to under 20% when consumed orally.

2.      Vaping CBD or Cannabis Allows You to Consume Large Amounts Quickly

eLiquids often have a higher concentration of CBD compared to CBD beverages and other CBD oral products. So, not only is it more effective to vape a CBD eLiquid, but the quantity of CBD that you vape is also much higher, so you feel the effects more quickly and deeply.

3.      CBD Flower is Full-Spectrum and Unprocessed

Most CBD vape products only contain the cannabinoid CBD, but CBD flower eLiquids contain the full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and lipids. Not only are these phytochemicals good for you, but they also improve the speed and effectiveness of the CBD. And using an eLiquid made from hemp flower means you get the benefit of the whole flower, nothing removed.

4.      CBD Flower Has a Pure Flavour

Vaping CBD isolates eLiquids in an odourless, tasteless form or with artificial flavours added means that you’re not getting an authentic experience. A good-quality hemp flower, high in CBD, made into an eLiquid allows you to savour the true taste and aroma of the hemp.

Safety Concerns Around Vaping CBD eLiquids

Up until recently, there were no reported cases of fatal overdose from cannabis use. In 2019 a Louisana woman was found to have died of a THC overdose however medical experts have cast doubt on the coroner’s findings as it has been estimated that a person would need to smoke 2000 joints to ingest a lethal amount of THC. The findings are not conclusive, especially as there has only been a single death. They are also not backed up by large amounts of survey data that show Americans use cannabis products over a billion times a year collectively, which means it is unlikely that a THC overdose was the cause of death.

However, it is important to take a logical measured approach to vaping. There are around 450 known cases of respiratory damage caused by vaping. But, for the most part, they are limited to people who have used black market counterfeit vape cartridges and occurred in states where cannabis is illegal so products are not subject to governmental oversight.