The world has become a lot more accepting of substances like Cannabis in recent years. While the attitude towards cannabis is a mixed bag between different countries, many places are making it legal to use cannabis for medical purposes, and some are even letting their citizens it recreationally.

Switzerland sits at the very heart of Europe, but it isn’t a member of the EU, and this means that they have far more control over their own laws than other countries in the region. This has sparked a huge amount of growth in the Swiss Cannabis and CBD industry, making this small country into an international hub for this booming business.

Cannabis & CBD Law in Switzerland

Switzerland’s laws surrounding cannabis and CBD products are what makes this country so attractive to those in this business. Cannabis itself has long been decriminalised for personal consumption, and this means that you won’t get into trouble for using the stuff in the comfort of your own home. It is also legal for medical use, though there are strict rules that govern who is given this sort of treatment.

You can buy Cannabis in regular Swiss tobacco stores, as long as the end product contains less than 1% THC. This rule also applies to CBD products, and it doesn’t matter where the original hemp or cannabis comes from, as long as the THC is below 1%.

The Big Swiss Cannabis & CBD Brands

There are a number of different Swiss brands that have been taking full advantage of relaxed laws and political reform. With products that simply can’t be matched by those within the EU and Worldwide shipping available, there is little reason to look elsewhere for your CBD products, even if you think you’ve found the right brand for you.


Cibdol claims to offer the purest CBD in the world, working hard to ensure that they only sell the finest products to their customers. Their high standards are reflected in their wide range of different CBD oils and other products, with a wide variety of oils, creams, supplements, and other CBD products to choose from. Since being founded in 2012, Cibdol has become one of Switzerland’s largest CBD retailers, and they pride themselves on using only the highest quality European hemp in their products.


Hemplix is another popular Swiss CBD retailer, though this brand only makes oils for their customers. These oils come in a variety of different strengths and bundle options, making it incredibly easier to tailor your CBD experience to your budget. Alongside this, they also offer CBD oil for your pets. All of the CBD oil you will find on the Hemplix website has been made in Switzerland, and this means that it will be subject to their relaxed laws.

Formula Swiss

While they offer a range of CBD oils, vapes, and other consumable products, Formula Swiss is focused on CBD-based cosmetics. Their range of creams and balms covers a wide gamut of use-cases, from those looking to protect their tattoos to people who simply want to warm themselves up. Formula Swiss also offers food supplements, skincare products, and a wide variety of other CBD lifestyle goods.

Switzerland’s Progressive Cannabis & CBD Oil Laws

While we’ve touched on Switzerland’s progressive Cannabis and CBD oil laws, it’s easy to get a clear picture of just how well-placed this country is for this industry when you compare these laws with other countries. In Switzerland, CBD products can contain as much as 1% THC, and this is 5x the 0.2% threshold set throughout the EU. This makes it easier to manufacturer CBD products, while also opening the doors to cannabis being the source for this substance, rather than hemp.

Alongside being relaxed about THC, Swiss CBD laws also make it possible to source CBD from just about anywhere. EU CBD manufacturers have to get their hemp from legitimate and registered EU sources, ensuring that the plants haven’t been processed by criminals. In Switzerland, though, it doesn’t matter where the CBD has come from, as long as it contains 1% or less THC.

As of 2018, the CBD market in Switzerland was estimated to be worth around 1.2 billion Swiss Francs, with more than 600,000 of the 8.5 million-strong population using these products on a regular basis. This explosion in the CBD industry is largely thanks to the progressive laws you’ll find in Switzerland, giving their CBD manufacturers an edge over their EU counterparts. As with any industry, though, this growth is only possible because there are the customers for it.

The Future of Cannabis & CBD Oil in Switzerland

Switzerland has one of the most open democracies in the world, with the general public being given the chance to vote on a wide range of different policies and laws each year. With so many people benefitting from relaxed Cannabis and CBD laws, it’s unlikely that this market is going to be restricted in the future. In fact, by looking at other countries and regions that have gone through cannabis law reform, it’s likely that the laws surrounding substances like this will only improve as time goes on.

For example, while recreational use of cannabis is decriminalised, you still can’t go to a normal store and buy buds that will be strong enough to knock your socks off. As the taxation benefits become clear to the government of Switzerland, though, the idea of making recreational use fully legal could be very promising to politicians. Companies working with cannabis, hemp, and CBD will have an advantage if this comes to pass, and it’s likely that the brands we’ve covered would be some of the first to get on board.

Switzerland has long been viewed as one of the most progressive countries in Europe. With one of the highest levels of private gun ownership in the world, it’s amazing that this country doesn’t have problems with violence. Their laws are carefully and methodically designed, though, and this often enables them to do things differently to other countries.